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"Where Excellence is Achieved!"

About Us

Kids "R" People "2" is committed to individualized education, allowing children freedom to develop at their own pace. We strive to satisfy a child's need to achieve, to belong, to feel safe and secure, and to develop self esteem.

About Us

Our Philosophy

Kids "R" People 2 is committed to providing the highest quality childcare and educational programs. We believe it's our duty and honor to provide a nurturing environment whereby the young minds of tomorrow can develop as individuals and as a part of group. Childhood is a critical time of exploration and discovery, and through well-planned activities, we promote critical thinking and socialization skills.

Our developmentally appropriate programs are academically and socially rich, preparing the child to enter each new mile stone with excitement and readiness.

A 4-Star 
TRS Provider


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Mission Statement

Kids "R" People 2 Academy mission is to provide a safe, quality, loving, caring and educational foundation.

We aspire to promote development of young children in all areas of growth including social, emotional, intellectual, physical, and creativity.

We strive to provide a nurturing, secure and stimulating environment for children. We encourage children to become independent and self - confident by allowing them the opportunity to learn at their own pace.

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